A Cloud Walked or Stumbled
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By jhubertjhubert


I was in my old room in my parents' house, which has a good view of the surrounding area. From there, I saw a great humanoid "cloud creature" on the eastern horizon, with its legs hidden behind the hills and forest in that direction. Its features weren't quite as indistinct as you'd expect from a cloud (though its features were not as complex as those of humans), and it got a lot of detail through different shades of gray. For instance, its eyes looked like some sort of short cylinders bulging out - like goggles. It walked and looked around, sometimes disappearing from my view, and it had the air of a vast, uncaring titan which did not worry what it crushed below its feet, though the possible devastation was never visible. At one point, it split into a number of fast-moving tubular shapes, which reconfigured into three smaller, though still gigantic figures - one male, one female, and one indistinct crippled one with a missing leg.

Dusk was approaching, and it became harder and harder to see it in the darkness. I spotted its head once, when I ventured outside the house - it was illuminated by what appeared to be an Indian-themed amusement park (recognizable by its distinct spires) which was either located on a high hill that hadn't been there before, or else it was floating in the air. Thus, the cloud creature was still out there, walking and watching.



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