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By HarblesayHarblesay


My legs were being tickled by the long green grass and my hair was being whipped from my face by the branches of the tall trees . Up ahead was a beautiful green vista – but it was thinning fast and just as I started to notice it thinning
“Jump… Now!” Came my companions voice from the far left. As I jumped I began to fall. Finally landing on the soft white, sand.
Upon my prying eyes I saw the most beautiful vista I had ever seen. The white sand beneath my feet was a large crescent moon shape, mainly formed by the impending trees of the lush, green forest ahead. Behind me a tall grey wall of stone – the size of a skyscraper. Split into sections by the plants and shrubs.
The first one I noticed was furthest to the east and was from the floor right to the top of the abyss I was stood within. In one vertical line of orange and browns – autumn colours, all the plants were surrounding a rope that was just about evident on the floor, beneath a mass of orange foliage, trailing from the top of the cliff right to the bottom.
The second divider I came across was different from the first. It was dense and green. At the bottom was a little granite rock that was being poured on from the upper reaches. The dense foliage was disguising an immense waterfall. The water flowing off the rock was then admitted to a long stream of clear water, running through the white sand into the forest opposite. The other inconsistent feature was this line of vivid green was like a lightening bolt cutting through the deep grey rock.
But the most different by far was the third of the four. It had a broad granite shelf that held a wooden structure upon it. The wooden structure vaguely resembling a set of swings with a hunky guy stood directly underneath holding three thickly bound ropes. His long brown hair was drifting to his left side in the gentle breeze that was now coming from the forest. However the shelf he was stood upon only reached 1/3 of the way up the cliff. So I assumed the swings were used to get up to the higher reaches of the cliff.
Then just as I was turning back to Max, I saw a fourth divider in the shimmering grey rock. Long yew like vines were draped down the gap like hair but I swear I saw the vines move spontaneously. Then I saw it again. The green vines were changing shades and moving. It was like the vines were crawling up the cliff face. Then at the top two white figures appeared from the green vines but they quickly disappeared into the gaping mouth of a granite dragon at the very top of the cliff.
“Alex” Stop gawking and get behind the drift wood!” Max's voice rang out loud and clear. I was pulled down by pear – my mother. Then I heard a strange growling noise and looked up for a fraction of a second to see a hoard of eyeless-noseless-hairless monsters dressed in red material that draped over their weak-malnutritioned bodies.
I stood up wanting to help my family as best I could, with a risky glance to my left and right I saw that I was surrounded by about ten other people (of whom I didn't recognise). Then they began to run. Towards us.
Next thing I knew I was knocked to the floor and struggling to stand up. When I finally got to my knee's I noticed I had one of the monsters on my back and another one was charging towards me. Just then I heard an almighty crack! And Max was holding the monsters jaw in his hands.
The monster fell to the floor along with his jaw but not before I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my foot. When I looked down I saw one of the ugly monsters hunched over my foot. I could only guess he was biting my foot (weird but hey – my dreams aren't average as you've probably guessed). I started to pull hard on his head – desperate to stop the burning sensation in my foot. Finally it came loose and I threw it to the floor and threw his body off my leg.
When we had done I looked around me to see disembodied monster scattering the beautiful white sand – but there was no blood – not one drop. Just limbs; pale, grey and very much dead.
But as my eyes breezed over the scene I noticed one of them was sat very still in his red shawls. Staring hard at me which struck me as weird because he was the only one with eyes. Then he started smiling, before he stood up and pelted towards the forest. I charged after him hoping to have the last kill. It was about 10 seconds into the forest – I looked down at the white sand, lined delicately with shrubs and yes, more trees – before I noticed his footprints were peculiar – they weren't his; they were of a child and an adult but their footprints were set at a distance that indicated this person was walking. As I looked up to make sure I wasn't imagining all this, I saw him. His head hung over his shoulders in a you've-only-just-noticed expression before he picked up the pace and led me into the blinding sunlight.
When I regained my vision I saw about a thousand old-worldly dressed people all babbling something about,
“Super-army” and “Kill us” and “Must leave”
“Excuse me,” I called into the cast crowd, “What is going on?”
In reply a women dressed in a pale blue-ankle-length dress approached me and claimed;
“We are in trouble and we need help to get away” Her voice was really crisp but she continued to rant about the danger, “We are scared for our lives. Please help us. Please.” Then her husband walked up to her in a suit and wrapped his arm around her waist,
“What she means is can you help us. Please?” His spoke with a strong English accent - demonstrating he was from England. His voice started to break and he also began to rant, “We have wives… children. We need to think about them. Please.”
You could tell he was being honest and I decided I didn't know what to do but Max would so I decided to take him back to the abyss from whence I had come. But this time on the trip back I noticed there were no footprints in the sand – just mine.
When we arrived I didn't even need to introduce the pair, it seemed they knew each other fairly well.
“Max!” He exclaimed, holding out a large hand as an invitation for Max, which he accepted. “My friend.”
I looked over to Pearl who ushered me towards her with her free arm.
“Here take Emily. My arm is totally dead.” So with out hesitation I took my baby sister and cradled her before we were interrupted by a random call from Max.
“Go, Quickly my friend we will join you.”
The old-world people began to walk towards the hunky man and fling themselves over the shelf and up to the top.
“Pearl?” she also looked quizzical. Then Max joined us,
“We must also leave. Common, here. Give pearl to James and we'll take this root” Indicating the waterfall-lightening root. The most difficult – it seemed.
“No!” Came a cry from behind us. A women stood there her long blonde hair hung from her scalp and her skin was a dark brown tone. She was dressed in a simple skirt and blouse with a tan coloured shawl around her shoulders. “I for see something bad up there. Something dark. There is one and that Is closely followed by another goodness knows how many. I'd rather you went with them.” She pointed towards the others like they were something completely different from herself, “However if you go with them I know half of them will die. But not all.” I looked at her in disbelief. This women was like totally weird. How could she know this.
“I think that she maybe right.” Max stated – how could he say that. He didn't know the women. “Common – we're going with the others.” And he began to stride off towards the granite ledge.
We were quickly helped up and over onto the upper shelf by the others.

Then I changed my P.O.V and my spirit had moved from the women and was now in a tall, dusty blonde, man's body. He is striding away from my body's group with a group of his own men who each hold rifles.

“Common men. We need to make the way safe for our people.”
So we strode off through the dusty desert until we came to a canal. On the opposite bank was a tall building in a stone colour. We strode across the bridge to the other side and walked into a small town. It looked like a sandstorm had just blown through there it was all dusty and the wooden panels of the houses were rounded and soft. I ordered my men to go and clear the village to make way for everyone else.
But we came to one house and he came to his door holding a gun. The rifle men knelt onto one knee and aimed at the man stood in the door. When he saw us all he began to say something I didn't understand -
“Go back. The river of spirit needs to dry up and you'll be able to survive.” I remember thinking – what the hell is this guy insane -
“That's the whole point dumb ass!”
“Those who you flee from will not perish until the spirit river runs dry. Don't take the chance. Shut the God damned dam!!!” He practically yelled into my face.
Then as though I could fly I was flying back towards my body saying
“Shut the dam. Now! And hurry!” I repeated it and repeated it.
I returned to my original body – in my dream.

It arrived just as I was crossing the canal. And by default I shouted. And didn't stop until the bridge was closing on me. The water gushing over the edges and washing away my people – family -friends. I don't know why I wasn't bothered but I scrambled to the other shore as I watched the people drifting away down stream.



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