Bizarre Accomodation

This is actually a summary of a series of dreams, in each of which I lived in some deeply peculiar homes without any evidence that I recognised the strangeness of my position.

Highlights include:

  • A relatively normal flat that could only be entered and exited via hatches located on certain kinds of bus.
  • An outwardly respectable Victorian redbrick house with some very oddly laid out rooms, including a two storey bedroom where the bed was elevated onto a sort of mezzanine of baroque wood panelling.
  • Another house where the end of the dining room was inexplicably tiled and had a bath and shower installed.
  • A very bizarre property indeed where access to the first floor was via a narrow staircase, edged on one side by a steep drop into a partially demolished section. The house in question had what appeared to be a public swimming pool in the basement, apparently used by some kind of swimming club which I think had a minotaur involved with it somewhere. Also, the front door was shared with what appeared to be a motorcycle parts shop run by a number of Merle Dixon like characters who never actually seemed to sell anything but occasionally rolled motorcycles out of an entrance that I could never see.
  • Recurring dreams of living in extremely badly laid out university halls of residence1, often with individual accommodation consisting of a series of small rooms, not all of which were co-located, and washrooms of various kinds accessed by dead-end staircases, floor hatches and the like. A recent example had a basement level, un-walled and pillared and surrounded by a light trench (effectively as though the hall were built on stilts in a one story deep hole). The area under the building was lined with exercise bikes, facing out into the trench like a sort of open air gym, whilst the trench itself was used for car access to the underground parking (some of which was inside the ring of bikes).
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