Casino Resort of the Dead
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By The ColonelThe Colonel


For some reason a group of friends and I had accquired a huge, sprawling building complex - sort of like the Walled City in Hong Kong only more Western in the architecture - which just happened to be infested with all sorts of horror movie nasties. We were wandering about in there for no very clear reason, apparently picking up stuff which might have been valuable and/or interesting and running into even more hapless idiots who we helped to escape from the place.

Occasionally we encountered the maintenance guys from my workplace doing plumbing and wiring jobs, apparently unaware of and unmolested by the zombies and what have you.

Eventually a group of guys in suits defrauded us of the building (!!!) and started knocking it down to build flats - work seemed to be going well for them, and then suddenly it wasn't. I think all their workforce disappeared or something - all I remember was that their leader was inside looking at some drawings in a terribly bad mood when I crept up behind him and pushed him out of a window/hole in the wall about ten floors up.

The next thing I remember I was working for the guys in suits, who had built a huge casino-resort hotel (more like an Arco really) over the complex and hired me as a tour guide come escort at some ridiculous salary to take tourists and rich sport hunters down into the ruins.

I wouldn't mind, but I was never that big a fan of House of the Dead and suchlike…



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