Favorite movie
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By Lazzo


I walked into the movie room of my house to see my family was watching one of my favorite movies (Which wasn't actually real, but i still recalled seeing it before and it being one of my favorites.) and i walked in just as it got to my favorite part, the latter half, really, which made me very happy.

The part went like this:

The main character, an Orc War-chief named something along the line as 'Infernus' (i don't really remember exactly), he was hugging the love interest when all the sudden warning bells went off and his fortress was under attack from humans with a huge battering ram. he and his soldiers jumped to action and their was a huge battle with explosions and fire and excitement. After the movie i was playing with Lego sets inspired by the movie, i played the Orcs and my friends played as the men with the battering ram.



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