Flight of the UFO
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By jhubertjhubert


I browse the Internet early in the morning, and discover that a genuine UFO has been seen hovering over a small Bavarian town and abducted some locals. During breakfast, I tell my mother - we are both visiting her hometown of Siegen for some reason - and she says she has heard it on the radio and asks me to find some images of the UFO on the Internet. I get distract by an old gaming book which describes an alien race which abducts humans and mind-controls them, eventually controlling all of humanity with the exception of a rare few who have learned to break the conditioning.

Then I recall some barely coherent post on the Delta Green Mailing List last evening, asking which towns have "good engineers". I remember replying mentioning Munich and Erlangen, my hometown. I search the Internet, and sure enough - the UFO has been sighted over these cities and abducted people there as well. Now I am worried: Are the entities controlling that UFO able to trace where my reply has come from?

I look out of the window. We are high on a hill, and next to the curve of the forest-covered and mist-shrouded hill I see the UFO hovering in the air. It sort of looks like a lamp or a light bulb variant - a dark "cover" at the top and a transparent outer hull which slowly tapers off towards the bottom. At the very bottom there seems to be some sort of circular auditorium or lecture hall, like in a university, and I can barely see people sitting in maybe a third of the chairs.

It has come for me.



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