Living the Game
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By The Colonel


I dreamt that I was somehow personally present as the character in a RPG-style gamebook - within the dream I was aware of having played through the books (which were similar to the Fabled Lands sandbox setting but didn't correspond directly to any real life series) and repeatedly attempted to recall appropriate and advantageous courses of action … despite the occasional discrepancy between the books and the instance that I was "living" … and the fact that I was myself and not an fRPG character…
The majority of the dream took place inside a somewhat anachronistic hotel - and I recall feeling genuine fear when I realised that the room I entered it by had a number of high level monsters sat around the walls in various niches and being very careful not to antagonise them, despite a distinct lack of space. As I spent longer in the dream, the discrepancies between the book and my own awareness of my own incompetence compared to the intended PC grew - despite a brief excursion into an overgrown field for a hair raising battle against axe wielding goat centaurs1 and what I can only describe as dire chickens (against both of which I heroically took advantage of sheep net fences and a series of sheds), the majority of the dream was spent indoors struggling against things that were frankly more creepy than dangerous and picking my way through clutter trying to find anything useful. Between the futility and the wandering body parts, it was the sort of dream well worth waking from.



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