On Leather Wings
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By jhubertjhubert


I'm in my room in my parents' house, and I see that my body has been modified to give me the ability to fly. From my arms span great, leathery wings like those from a bat, and my torso and the rest of my body have been modified to me much thinner and frailer, so that my wings support my weight. It is not clear whether I wanted this modification for myself or if it was forced upon me, but I do not experience much in the way of revulsion or disgust.

Suddenly a boy of about 12 years of age appears and starts yelling things like: "Defend yourself!" He has a knife, and I panic - my new body might not be strong enough to defend myself, even from a boy. I manage to lock the room, but after that, there is only one way of escape. I open the windows wide, and glide out of the window, using my wings for the very first time. In the burst of fresh air, a single note from my employment agency flutters out of the window and falls into the garden. I remember thinking: "I better pick this up later - it may be important."

And I fly! The feeling is exhilarating. I remember that up a nearby hill are people who have undergone the same modifications as I did, so if I can reach them, I will be safe. Thus, I try to fly uphill, passing between tall trees and over local gardens. I only stay a few meters above the ground, as higher there is a stiff breeze that I don't know how to deal with yet. My wing muscles are still underdeveloped, and I get exhausted. Finally, I land close to some massive moss-covered rocks in a small forest on the hillside.

Nearby there is a small group of children playing. Suddenly, the boy from before appears, and he no longer looks so threatening. He looks sullen and claims that I shouldn't have run away, since it was "just for fun", and I berate him for threatening anyone with a knife, even if it wasn't meant to be serious.


I occasionally have dreams of flying. Weirdly, in most cases these dreams involve flapping my arms to fly - and normally, I don't have wings in such dreams.


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