Paleocenic Park
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By jhubertjhubert


I am on a bicycle tour. The weather and climate is typical for Germany in late fall or early spring - wet, cool, and muddy. I'm about to cycle along a forest which has been used as a reservation for restored species of prehistoric animals. The bicycle path goes along the outskirts of the forest, but still part of the reservation. Still, I have been assured: "As long as you stay on your bicycle and keep moving, the animals won't bother you."

A few hundred meters along that path, my bicycle breaks down. I quickly go to a fenced-in footpath which is just inside the forest and which can be used to observe the animals and figure that if I am stuck here for the moment, I might as well spend some time watching them. Still, I can't help noticing that the fence seems quite ramshackle and has a lot of holes in it, and wonder how effective it really is in keeping the animals out. There aren't supposed to be any really large and dangerous animals here, but nevertheless the ones that are here are still wild, and aren't afraid of humans.

Four small, quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs pass by outside from the left to the right, each only 40 cm tall or so. These are the only dinosaurs I see, and the rest of the animals are from later time periods. I see a variety of flightless birds approaching the fence and looking at me, the tallest about one and a half meters. Finally, two felines which appear to be similar to miniature sabretooth tigers (with a height of half a meter) approach and stare at me. They seem… playful. I take pictures of all these creatures with my camera.

Then I notice that a small automated, robotic vehicle which can be used by people stranded in the reservation to get outside passes by on the bicycle path, towards the next exit. It doesn't have a passenger at the moment, but it has somehow snagged my bicycle. I race after it on the fenced-in footpath, and when I get out of the reservation and reach it, the dream ends.



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