Terror From The Skies
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By jhubertjhubert


It is a bright summer's day, and I am in the historical downtown center - a pedestrian-only area - of a typical German city. There are small, robotic vehicles patrolling on the cobblestone streets, and arial surveillance drones slowly moving overhead. I get the impression that they are looking for me, and do my best to avoid them and get out of the area.

I come to an area with newer constructions with multiple ramps and parking houses. A large robotic vehicle - perhaps a dozen meters long - with a round "saucer" shape in the front (housing the weapon and sensor systems) and a rectangular shape in the back (housing the drive system) which looks like a miniature space ship is moving slowly in the air (far too slowly to be jet-propelled) and doing a series of parallel attack runs on the constructions. It is shooting some sort of large solid projectiles, and I am getting the impression that it is doing far less damage than it could - this is to terrify the people in the city, not to cause major devastation. I hide under one of the as yet undestroyed ramps and time my movement carefully - after it has finished yet another attack run and before it turns for another go, I run past it and further away from the area.

Then I come to an area where a small river flows within the city. Along the river there is an old, medieval fortress wall, which has been partially destroyed by earlier attacks. I run along the wall with the intention of reaching a high hill visible in the distance which I believe to be a safer area. Then I wake up.



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