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By Fractal OneFractal One


In my dream, a group of guys spent their day essentially harassing and annoying a small group of middle school kids. The dream was "filmed" like a TV show; my perspective of the dream was like that of a camera or like the eyes of an audience member watching the show. The show I dreamt about featured guys (and some girls) who appeared to have ample amounts of time to waste playing tricks on neighborhood kids.

The first part of the dream served as the first episode. A small group of boys were having a sleepover or camping outside in their backyard, completely innocuous activities for a young group of friends. At some point in the night — and I don't remember the details any longer — the boys realized that odd things were happening around them. Eventually, a mysterious stranger (who looked a lot like Brad Pitt in "Benjamin Button") knocked on the front door of the home they were in and told them that a group of adults in the neighborhood were the cause of the oddities they were experiencing. The episode ended with the group of boys feeling embarrassed for the adults in their neighborhoods, all the while coming to terms with the incessant amount of nuisance that would soon be impressed upon them.

The dream ended with the first half of a second episode. The parts of the second episode that I can remember involved actress Lily Tomlin surprising one of the guys and his female friend on their walk home by surprising them on a sidewalk by sitting up in a body bag and laughing maniacally/pathetically.


I do not know. This dream was another instance of celebrity infusion in my dreams. Other than actress Lily Tomlin, actors Michael Ian Black and John Francis Daley (circa 1999-2000) were the other main characters in my dream. And maybe Brad Pitt.


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